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May 7, 2010

Peter’s Castration Stories

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Peter has written several castration based stories which you will not find on his family-friendly web site. He has posted these stories on sites such as the … Anyway – This story is free for anyone to read. It’s fantasy, don’t try this at home and … Lisa’s Castration Fantasy By Lisa P. Disclaimer: There is none. … The Fantasy. This picture is how a slave might wank off thinking about his Castration, where as the picture below is how a Sadist thinks about Castration. … Lisa’s Castration Fantasy – by Rachael Ross – The thought of castrating a …. A fantasy mediaeval story of castles and dungeons, and what goes on inside. … Jun 14, 2002 … Tons of user stories also, if you are into that sort of thing. … Most castration is from weird, usually gay, fantasies about having your … My name is Bill. I was castrated with a burdizzo, and now I’m an Eunuch. … Castration Links ? Fantasy: Stories … Dec 14, 1999 … enjoyed the story, maybe because i already have a long term castration fantasy, good stuff. gordon [this is good]. July 12, 2004 10:01 PM … Castration (fantasies, stories, pics, methods, etc.) Ballbusting World … it did, and now you need a weirder, stranger fantasy each and every time you pop off. I have a castration … Femdom Castration Stories (Fantasy): The Hunt – Males are hunted by females. This femdom castration story is for fantasy studies only as it contains some … The fear of castration in slave training … In some stories the have has them cut out and placed in the slaves mouth to gag him as he is being tortured. … Castration fantasy stories, fantasy football bookmarks. adult fantasy comic art, fantasy snuff, final fantasy hentai porn videos, fantasy football … If you are looking for fantasy stories of castrations, penectomies, and similar … fantasy site, dealing with all kinds of extreme fantasies, from snuff to castration, and … As you can see . That is great for fantasy but if you are considering cutting off your penis using this method than realize that it is not as easy and safe as it may look. For resources and information on Castrating a Horse and Castrated Slaves … Castrate Pigs. Castration Fantasy. Eunuch. Castrated Definition. Castration Stories. Penectomy … Castration Fantasy Stories when a chick is just smoldering hot as fuck, just a complete knockout. May 21, 2006 … 485484 SciFi & Fantasy Pictures, 36582 Stories. … Tag As Favorite. SciFi and Fantasy Art Castration Girl by Erin Wall … [Archive] Page 3 Castration (fantasies, stories, pics, methods, etc.) Ballbusting … love to find other sites like that or even a thread here of women in fantasy femdom castration … Website for eunuchs and people with castration fetishes/fantasies. Includes a database of erotic stories, discussion forums, and more. … In psychological therapy, you may find that you do not have a fixation for castration, that you are not going to be a danger to yourself in this, but that castration is merely a fantasy for… I found your little castration fantasy amusing. …. Trample And Foot Fetish Stories, Trample & Foot Fetish Story Hall of Fame …

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